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The Dark Knight Rises Is Leaving Pittsburgh. What Have We Learned?

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With this full page ad in The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, the crew of The Dark Knight Rises has moved on from that fair city, leaving behind only memories and probably some lingering dust. But forget about Pittsburgh. What’s in it for the slavering fans who are watching the production with unblinking eyes and asking themselves “What the heck is going on in this movie?”

Well, spoilers. Or… are they?

Lets give it a look (production photos, so your spoiler level may vary, choose your poison):

First, there are like a billion tumblers.

We won’t actually admit that we think Bane’s mask looks silly until we see it in the movie and can be sure. Nu-uh. Won’t.

Catwoman (Cat-stunt-woman, here) is will ride the Bat-pod.

Christopher Nolan has made Joseph Gordon-Levitt look like Ken Watanabe. I N C E P T I O N. Also, Batman just really enjoys the simple pleasures of beating up Bane.

No, like, really.

Marion Cotillard are you playing a philanthropic Wayne Enterprises board member named Miranda Tate? No. Not in that tunic and with those tumblers you’re not. You’re playing Talia Head and it’s making our dreams come true.

So Batman has a hovercraft that looks like a clawed crustacean.

Or, like, something that Jeff Goldblum would hack into with absurdly low powered tech in Independence Day.

Also, never let Bane park your car.


But seriously. Lets take a step back from the tons of photos and videos that have leaked from The Dark Knight Rises‘ Pittsburgh shoot and think about Christopher Nolan, an incredibly secretive filmmaker, especially in this day and age. If this is what Nolan is okay with us seeing, then what is he hiding? What the heck is going on in this movie?

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