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We Head to Corellia in This Week’s The Bad Batch

The Bad Batch Decommissioned

As we continue on in the world of Star Wars: The Bad Batch, we have found more of a groove in how each of these episodes are going to play out. And this week, we got to watch as Hunter, Wrecker, Tech, Echo, and Omega went to a familiar planet to try and get some information for one of Cid’s buyers.

**Spoilers for Star Wars: The Bad Batch episode “Decommissioned” lie within.**

So far, we’ve been seeing some familiar faces and now some familiar planets on The Bad Batch and this week, the crew head to Corellia to get a tactical droid to help fight against the Empire. Corellia, also known as the home planet to my wonderful boy Han Solo, is a bit rough and the Batch have quite the time trying to get on to the planet and get to the decommissioning facility they have to go to for Cid.

After last week’s episode, Cid basically told the Bad Batch that they were working for her and this week, she made the decision for them. When Echo was teaching Omega how to use a bow and arrow like contraption, Cid shows up and tells them about a job retrieving a tactical droid and that their relationship will benefit both the Batch as well as Cid and they basically don’t question it. They just head to Corellia to get the job there.

There, it’s easier said than done. With all the security keeping them back, they end up finding out that they’re not the only ones trying to get to the droid first. Rafa Martez and her sister Trace were there trying to steal the droid for the rebellion and though they reluctantly join forces with the Batch when police droids are attacking them for interfering with the decommissioning of droids, they still plan on taking the information back to someone.

Who? We don’t know but even though the Bad Batch end up giving Rafa and Trace the information they need, they still are talking to someone in a robe and maybe the hopeful part of me saw the shoulder and instantly hoped that it was Bail Organa. We didn’t hear them or see who it was but a girl can hope, right?

Overall, it was a fine episode. But it showed that the Batch were challenging what they believed about the Empire and who they used to fight for even more. When Rafa and Trace think the droid is lost and even point out that they were using the information for good, Hunter clearly takes that to heart and gives them the information even though he didn’t have to tell them anything.

It’s going to be interesting, moving forward, to see how they continue to grown while on the run from Fennec Shand and the Empire at large.

(image: Lucasfilm)

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