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The Apple Tree [Infographic]

When Apple launched in 1976, it had a single computer for sale. Since then, the company has sprouted a plethora of computers and devices that we’ve come to know and love, compiled here into a swanky inforgraphic by artist Mike Vasilev. Vasilev took Apple’s products and laid them out like a tree sprouting from that first Apple computer, which is all too fitting. The branches go upward through the years, sprouting this and that, until we arrive at the present day at the very top.

What’s more is how the graphic is a bit of a walk down memory lane for those of us who remember the old days of Apple computers. The Newton, the eMate, and the first iMac all make appearances on the chart. It’s a great look at the iconic company that has come to define so much of what personal computing means.

(Mashable via BuzzFeed)

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