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The Kids Are the Voice of Reason in the Ted Lasso Season 3 Premiere

Jason Sudeikis as Ted, Gus Turner as Henry Lasso and Brendan Hunt as Coach Beard in Ted Lasso season 3

Ted Lasso has finally returned to bring us all some much-needed joy, with season 3 recently premiering on Apple TV+, and yet, perhaps the first episode didn’t bring you as much joy as you thought it would. For those of us still trying to believe in true love, it drops a rather massive bombshell, Ted’s depression is brought into sharp focus, and Nathan Shelley’s life hasn’t improved at West Ham as much as he probably hoped it would.

Between the joyous moments of comedy and friendship, Ted Lasso season 3, episode 1 does plenty to build up the drama for the coming season. Thankfully, however, the episode does feature a few voices of reason—two, to be exact. The adults may be talking, but it’s the kids who are thinking clearly.

Phoebe tells it like it is in ‘Ted Lasso’ season 3

If you were as shocked as I was that Ted Lasso really went there and broke up Keeley and Roy, rest assured that at least one person in the room realized how big of a mistake that was. As Keeley and Roy tried to explain to his niece Phoebe that they’d broken up, promising her that she and Keeley would still be friends, Phoebe asked a genuinely important question: “Why are you breaking up?”

My sentiments exactly. Though this plot was set up in Ted Lasso season 2, it still hurts to find out that they’ve actually gone through with it. Both Keeley and Roy are much busier now, with less time to spend on each other. Relationships are complicated and need time, certainly, but is breaking up really the solution?

Phoebe definitely doesn’t seem to think so. Later, when Roy is about to drive her home, she very politely calls him “stupid” for breaking up with Keeley. This kid is my hero. Hopefully, she can knock some sense into both of them later on in the series.

Henry believes in friendship and the power of trying

Phoebe’s not the only kid on the show speaking sense. Ted’s son Henry, freshly back in Kansas City from a trip to London, reminds his dad of his favorite motto: “believe.”

Ted is all about belief, but the first episode of season 3 has knocked the confidence of most of the Richmond AFC squad. The entire world seems to think that Richmond will be relegated at the end of the season, and while Ted would seem to be the perfect person to lift the team’s spirits—and in a way, he does—his own spirits are still down in the dumps, and understandably so.

Depression isn’t easily fixed, but there are things you can do to make your life a little easier, to ease the burden of existing every day. Ted is weighed down by his responsibility to Richmond, and he feels like he failed Nate—two things that aren’t only on him to fix, but two things that he certainly carries with him wherever he goes.

But Henry, bless him, reminds his dad that not only can Ted’s friendship with Nate still be salvaged, despite Nate’s job at West Ham, but he also reminds Ted that while winning may not be everything, trying to win, and believing that you might, is worth it. This won’t fix all of Ted’s problems, but hopefully his son’s words will stick with him as he navigates the Premiere League season throughout the rest of Ted Lasso season 3.

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