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Team Captain America [Video]

Of Course!

Fair readers: We could not decide on a one-liner for this video. We thought about holding a vote, but then we just decided to include all of them, RiffTrax style. Pick your favorite, ignore the rest, or collect the whole set!

“This was inevitable.”

“Who wants to start the campaign to get ‘America: F*ck Yeah!’ on the official soundtrack? Can this please happen? What our campaign was to get him to say ‘I’ve had it with these muthaf*cking Hydras on this muthaf*cking Eastern Front?'”

“Sorry, Cap. It doesn’t matter how human and conflicted writers make you. You’ll always be susceptible to this kind of thing. Your name is Captain America.”

“Sooooo, skinny Chris Evans was a puppet? That’s how they did that?”

(The High Definite)

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