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Let’s Celebrate Taylor Swift With Some Fun Tidbits From #FolkloreThursday!

taylor swift looks sad in a forest

Taylor Swift announced a gift for her fans and music lovers today: a surprise new studio album created while on lockdown called “Folklore.” The album will drop tonight at midnight tonight and it looks like it will be inspired by the woods, some magic, and the sounds of her collaborators like Bon Iver.

It was a big announcement that rocked the Twittersphere and (perhaps intentionally, you never know with Swift) coincided with an existing Twitter trend: Folklore Thursday! It’s the day when folklore scholars and fans share their favorite random tidbits of folklore and it’s fun and fascinating.

Since we can’t review Swift’s new album yet, we’re going to share our favorites from the #FolkloreThursday tag instead!

Again, we’re not sure if it’s a coincidence or viral marketing, but there are sure a lot of cats in the Folklore Thursday tag this week, and mice! (Turns out that this week just has an animal theme!)

Folklore Thursday has a great and dedicated Twitter account that’s worth checking out any week … and they’ll probably have an easier time finding actual folklore when one of the biggest stars in the world isn’t releasing an album called “Folklore.” But I’m sure they’ll enjoy the soundtrack! Or just listen for the ducks …

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