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Saga Fans Rejoice! You Can Now Take Lying Cat Home With You

Not lying!

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If you read the Brian K. Vaughan/Fiona Staples masterpiece, Saga (and if you read comics, but don’t read Saga, what is wrong with you?), you know that Lying Cat is pretty much the coolest cat ever – mostly because she’s able to call you out on your shit with just one word. Lying. Well, get ready to take Lying Cat home with you!

Essential Sequential (which also offers art from Fiona Staples, as well as other creators) is currently doing pre-sales for this awesome Lying Cat plush toy! It’s 19″ tall (check the above photo for size reference) and says “lying” when you press the collar.


Essential sequential photography

Now here’s the thing that came up for me when I first saw it. I mean, I think we all give Lying Cat a voice when we read Saga, and so her voice becomes very individual to the reader. I was worried about what she might sound like. What if she doesn’t sound the way I imagine? Does that totally screw up this awesome toy? Well, check out this video:

I don’t know about you all, but this toy sounds exactly the way her voice sounds in my head! It’s kind of amazing. So, I’m going to go ahead and be totally selfish and say that this is the perfect Lying Cat talking toy, because it appeals to me. So there.

But seriously, what do you think? Does this plushie do Lying Cat justice?

(via Robot 6, images via Essential Sequential)

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