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Things We Saw Today: Okay, I’m Ready to Talk About Taika Waititi’s Fake Neck Tattoo

Taika Waititi and his Oscar

Taika Waititi will never let us know peace—and by us, I mean me. Imagine minding your own business, scrolling through Instagram, and suddenly Taika Waititi is posting a picture of a fake neck tattoo. As if this world wasn’t chaotic enough. Not to mention the fact that he’s in a Purple Rain t-shirt paired with a button-up daisy shirt. Just fashion on fashion on Waititi’s set.

Currently, Waititi is directing Thor: Love and Thunder where we keep getting fun set updates and pictures and where Taika Waititi accepted his Grammy win from his trailer (yes, Taika Waititi is now halfway to an EGOT). But let’s go back to this fake neck tattoo. Why? Taika, please. You can’t just spring this on us.


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“Pro-tip: Get a fake tattoo on your neck and instantly turn into a tough male photographer barista hairdresser from Los Angeles!” Waititi writes in his caption and now I’d like to see that comedy starring the What We Do In the Shadows star. I’d watch three hours of it, just this barista trying to make it in his photography/hairdressing studio in West Hollywood.

Why does Waititi have the neck tattoo? Who knows? I’m just going to stare at this picture and find something else to love for the rest of my days. This is how I will fill the rest of the quarantine.

(image: Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)

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