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1 in 10 Britons Leave Social Networking Passwords in Their Wills

According to a survey by Goldsmiths at the University of London, 1 in 10 people in the U.K. leave social networking passwords in their will. The survey also showed that more than a quarter of the subjects have digital media (music, videos, etc.) that they feel the need to pass on to family members. Ever since personal computers and digital cameras became household necessities, the days of inheriting photo albums have been essentially over. It's funny to think that the days of inheriting hard drives may have come and gone so fast. Digital inheritance is becoming a bigger and bigger issue, one that is inextricably tied into the right to be forgotten, but also digital immortality. Often Facebook pages of the deceased will turn into digital shrines, but may languish, or be spammed, making it important for someone to still have the password. Also, you may not want that thing around forever, so it's important to have a family member around to save the good stuff and shut it down.

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