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The Best LEGO Barad-Dûr Tower You’ll See Today

One does not simply walk into Mordor, nor do they idly assemble enormous recreations of the feared dark tower of Sauron Barad-Dûr from hundreds upon thousands of LEGOs. The model, created by Kevin Walter, is nearly 6 feet tall and shows that with a huge number of plastic bricks and a little imagination, anything is possible. More choice pictures, after the break.

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A Look at Saudi Arabia’s Mile-High Skyscraper

This image is obviously truncated because our blog cannot handle the size and majesty of Saudi Arabia's $26 billion, mile-high Kingdom Tower. Construction on the massive spire that is expected to hold 80,000 people has yet to begin, but as you can see (or rather will see when you read on below), just the silhouette cut by the tower is impressive by itself. While the other buildings in the chart show familiar architectural flares, in the The Daily's size chart, Kingdom Tower is just a giant pink swath slicing the page. Be sure to read on below.

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D’oh! 275-Foot Tower in Springfield, OH Falls the Wrong Way, Smashes Power Plant

On Wednesday, thousands of Springfield, Ohio residents were left without power when a 275-foot smokestack being demolished fell the wrong way, knocking down two 12,500 volt power lines. According to the demolition company that handled the work at the former Ohio Edison Mad River Power Plant (not a nuclear power plant --Ed.), the explosives detonated correctly, "but an undetected crack on the south side of the tower pulled it in a different direction. 'Nobody's happy with things that go wrong in life, and sometimes it's out of our hands and beyond anybody's prediction. ... We're all extremely thankful no one was injured,' Kelly told The Columbus Dispatch." (via CBSB&P, MSNBC)

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