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Microsoft Surface Has Much Less Free Space Than Advertised

Anyone who has gotten an SSD with the requisite smaller storage space currently inherent to the medium and installed Windows 7 on it knows damn well that Microsoft operating systems take up too much space. When Microsoft released their new tablet, the Surface, people were thrilled that the base model started with 32 GB of free space. Unfortunately, due to the pre-installed software on the device, the 32 GB storage size is more like 16 GB.

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USB 3.0 Flash Drive Has 2 Terabytes of Storage, is Smaller Than a Thumb

At Display Taiwan, a flat panel display expo, Transcend and Taiwan's ITRI showed off a small USB 3.0 flash drive, smaller and thinner than an average human thumb, which sports 2 terabytes of storage space. Currently dubbed the "Thin Card," the flash drive is slightly thicker than a penny, and comes in models ranging from a minimum of 16 gigabytes to a maximum of 2 terabytes.

A company representative said other details, including price and a product listing on the company's website, hasn't been made available because USB 3.0 hasn't yet become an international standard. Once USB 3.0 becomes an international standard, the flash drive will be pushed to the market, expected to hit Taiwan before it releases in other territories. Head on past the break to see a video of the Thin Card.

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How to Build Your Own 135 Terabyte Array for More Money Than You are Willing to Spend on One

Though unlimited backup provider Backblaze doesn't sell it, they have provided instructions on how to build your very own 135 terabyte protected storage pod so you have somewhere to keep all those backed up episodes of True Blood. Kind of hilariously to we normalfolk, Backblaze built the storage pod in the name of avoiding "overpriced commercial solutions," and constructed the pod for only $7,384, though admittedly, that'd hold a lot of Rock Band DLC and Doctor Who episodes.

The pod puts all that storage online, and is obviously not intended for personal use, but hey, Backblaze posted the instructions on how to build one for a reason, right? Right? (For you to build one of your own.) Among the many parts listed, the most expensive are easily the 45 3TB drives, which'll clock in at $5,400. The next most expensive parts, two 760 watt power supplies, are relatively much cheaper at only $540. So, if you have a bunch of space, money, time and digital things you really need to keep somewhere, head on over to the Backblaze blog to check out how to build your own 135 terabyte pod.

(via ZDNet)

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