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The Untold Tales of Software Piracy [Infographic]

Software piracy has had a very interesting, successful history. From bulletin boards, to FTP sites, to IRC fileservers, to the currently popular torrent, the methods of software piracy moves with the times, and modernizes as fast and as frequently as any other technology. Whether or not one supports or abhors software piracy, its long and innovative history is always interesting, and the speed at which software becomes cracked and distributed after release is always impressive, regardless of how illegal it is. The folks over at Starmedia have put together a neat infographic about the history of software piracy, which includes some interesting numbers, such as the average amount of illegal downloads at any given time, based on company. Check out the full infographic after the break.

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Torrenting Turtle Knows the Truth About Software Pirates

Anyone who has ever pirated anything has surely seen a message in the included info file that makes seemingly noble claims about the pirated copy being for demo purposes only, or how the piracy group strongly encourages people to buy the product if they enjoy it. Well, everyone knows not all software pirates are that noble, whether or not they claim to be. This tidbit of knowledge is so common, in fact, that even a turtle knows the truth.

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