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Shannon Purser Comes out as Bisexual After a Clash With Riverdale Fandom

Shannon Purser earned a lot of fans after her turn as Barb in Stranger Things, and we've loved seeing her as Ethel Muggs on Riverdale. Recently, Purser discussed the importance of being comfortable with your sexuality, but hadn't spoken openly about her own. That changed last night, after she ran into some of the trickier elements of online fandom.

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U.S. Navy Wants to Use Seawater to Make Jet Fuel, Feels Like Something Out of Science Fiction

Refueling ships while they're still at sea is a rather expensive maneuver. Even so, it's not like there's a renewable resource just sitting around waiting to be converted into fuel for these oceanic behemoths. That's not what scientists at the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory think, though. They're developing a process to convert all that seawater sitting right off the starboard side into jet fuel. It's hard to say how efficient it might be on a large scale, but it has to be better than lugging the necessary fuel out there.

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How Do You Get Massive Ships Into the Water? [Video]

You probably thought that large ships had a stately, dignified birth off the docks and into the water. You'd be wrong. Like teaching a small child to swim, you just throw them over the side and hope for the best. Reddit commentor DougyM does provide some explanation as to why this dramatic method is actually preferred:

You need to effectively have the entire ships weight distributed evenly along the hull, sliding it in sideways ensures that no one part is under more stress than another. Going forwards down a slope would focus the ships weight on either end of the hull and result in damage up to and including actually crushing the middle of the ship in on itself.
He fails to mention that the throw-the-huge-boat-over-the-edge method has the added benefit of being totally badass. (via Reddit)

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