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Jimmy Fallon Sings The Reading Rainbow Theme Song in the Style of The Doors

Almost Totally Excellent

Oh, Jimmy. We appreciate your silly song stylings. We especially enjoy them when it means we get to wake up to you singing one of our favorite childhood theme songs in a changed-up style. Of course, we can never hear this song without thinking of this scene, but we'll also be adding this one to our roster of favorite Reading Rainbow covers. (via Late Night)

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LeVar Burton Secures Reading Rainbow Twitter Account To Promote New App

Elsewhere on the internet

Star Trek: The Next Generation actor and host of the PBS children's television show Reading Rainbow, LeVar Burton, has carved out a nice niche for himself on Twitter the last few years but he used the clout of his verified status, and 1.7 million followers, recently to commandeer another Twitter account for a very specific cause. @ReadingRainbow, previously held by another user, is now Burton's to promote a Reading Rainbow app for the iPad.

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Jimmy Fallon (As Jim Morrison) Sings the Reading Rainbow Theme Song [Video]

it's time to play the music

One of the best things that Jimmy Fallon (aka The Most Popular Boy in School Who Talked to Us That One Time) does on his late-night show is continue to play characters and do impressions, including musical ones. And when he does Jim Morrison (backed up by some excellent Doors impersonators), singing a badass version of the Reading Rainbow theme song, we pay attention. And then we realize what a great Doors song it might be. And how incredibly Gen-X-y this all is. (via Laughing Squid) Previously in Jimmy Fallon

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Things We Saw Today: How to Make Jack Skellington Cake Pops

Things We Saw Today

Only forty-six baking days left until Halloween. (GeekMom)

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Reading Rainbow to be Reinvented for iPad

As all you children of yore are bound to remember, Reading Rainbow was, by far, the best television series about books, hosted by a guy who was also on Star Trek: The Next Generation to ever be on public television. You may not have taken notice, but the show was ultimately cancelled in 2006 due to budget problems. There is good news though, LeVar Burton (turns out his name isn't actually "Reading Rainbow" like I thought it was when I was a child) is reinventing the show for the iPad.

If you remember, the show consisted in large part of picture books being read on screen, and some occasional live-action vignettes. Well, the iPad version intends to recreate the books part by providing kids with narrated, perhaps even partially animated, PDF versions of childrens' books that will recreate that terrific experience.

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LeVar Burton and Kermit Discuss Classic Pig Literature [Video]

Ask a Muppet

Let's put our library cards on the table, folks: Kermit is piggy-whipped. (YouTube)

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