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The NSA Can Search Everyone’s Email But Their Own

If you're going to snoop on everyone's email, at least do it right.

The NSA -- you know, the folks looking at everyone's phone records and such -- they have the capability to sort through almost unthinkable amounts of data from their surveillance programs, but if you ask them to do one simple internal email search through a Freedom of Information Act request, suddenly they don't have the technology. The NSA claims that their email system is, "a little antiquated and archaic." Then update it. You're the NSA.

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Site Leaks Microsoft Online Surveillance Guide, MS Demands Takedown Under Copyright Law (UPDATE 6)

Cryptome, a whistleblower site that regularly leaks sensitive documents from governments and corporations, is in hot water again: this time, for publishing Microsoft's "Global Criminal Compliance Handbook," a comprehensive, 22-page guide running down the surveillance services Microsoft will perform for law enforcement agencies on its various online platforms, which includes detailed instructions for IP address extraction. You can find the guide here (warning: PDF). not anymore.

Microsoft has demanded that Cryptome take down the guide -- on the grounds that it constitutes a "copyrighted [work] published by Microsoft." Yesterday, at 5pm, Cryptome editor John Young received a notice from his site's host, Network Solutions, bearing a stiff ultimatum: citing the Digital Millenium Copyright Act (DMCA), Network Solutions told him that unless he takes the "copyrighted material" down, they will "disable [his] website" on Thursday, February 25, 2010.

So far, Young refuses to budge.

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