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Meet the Real Saroo in This Exclusive Lion Clip

The real-life Saroo explains how he got separated from his biological family as a child.

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Lion Campaign #LionHeart Raises Over $250,000 for Children in India

Behind this moving story is the very real problem of missing children in India--more than 11 million children live on the streets and 80,000 go missing each year. Saroo's story is one of many.

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Hybrid Liliger, a Lion-Liger, Kiara is Our New Favorite Cat on the Internet

This is Kiara, the world's first Liliger -- her dad is an African lion, and her mom a lion-tiger hybrid, making her 75% lion, 25% tiger, and one trillion percent our favorite thing on the Internet today, due to her little spots on her little head and also her ability to fall down in slow motion and transition the landing right into a snuggle with her foster mom. Oh, and did we mention her foster mom is a house cat? She totally is, which is like a gajillion extra Cute Points, according to my handy scorecard. The news report mentions that hybrids like Kiara here have their critics, but we couldn't find anyone criticizing her specifically, which is good, because it means we don't have to challenge anyone to pistols at dawn. Because seriously, who could have a problem with this? You would have to be a monster.

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Hackers Can Reveal, Change Passwords in OS X Lion

Security researcher Patrick Dunstan has released his findings on Apple's latest operating system OS 10.7, aka Lion, and it doesn't look good. He found that if provided with physical access, a nefarious person could recover administrator passwords, or even change those passwords, without any special privileges. Here's how password security is supposed to work on a Mac: Passwords are stored in "shadow files" which are buried deep in the system's file structure, and only accessible by someone logged in with an administrator password. Dunstan's research has shown, however, that in the new version of the operating system, these files can be accessed by any user and passwords extracted. More troubling is his discovery that, with a little prodding, someone with access to the computer's Terminal command line app can change the administrator's password themselves.

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OS X Lion Packs a Nifty, Hidden Wi-Fi Monitoring Tool

Despite all its weird foibles (and oh man, there are foibles) of Lion, Apple's latest iteration of its operating system for computers, it packs some pretty useful little tools under the hood that you probably didn't even know were there. One such tool is Wi-Fi Diagnostics, which gives you a real-time look at your Wi-Fi signal. To get to the app, navigate through your file tree thusly: /System/Library/CoreServices. (Alternatively, in the Finder you can hit command+shift+g and just type in /System/Library/CoreServices.) Once there, scroll down through the list of files to the Wi-Fi Diagnostics app and double click it. The app lets you select from a number of services; to see what's going down on your network, just click the Monitor Preferences button and hit Continue. Easy. The information the app spits out is pretty technical, but if you're wondering whether the Internet is down or if your Wi-Fi connection is wonky, it could give you the answer.

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The Lion Has a Problem: Mac User Passwords Not So Secure

So, you've just gotten your hands on Mac's newly released OS X Lion and you couldn't be more thrilled? Well, sorry to rain on your parade, but it would appear Apple has a problem. Not just a "well I don't like this one specific feature, blah, blah" problem, but an actual security flaw in the software that allows automatically stored passwords to be easily extracted from a sleeping computer. According to Passware, a software provider, the latest edition of their password cracking forensic suite Passware Kit Forensic v11 can extract Mac OS X Lion user login passwords from the computer's memory in a matter of minutes. The vulnerability occurs when the computer is in sleep mode. Passwords that are stored in the computer's memory can be extracted using Passware's software, which captures the computer's memory via a FireWire connection and thus the passwords.

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18th Century Taxidermy Unkind to Noble Lion

This is, or rather was, a Lion. How did this happen to a majestic king of the Saranghetti? The story goes that in 1731 King Frederick I of Sweden received a lion as a gift from the Bey of Algiers, and was so enamored with the beast that when it died he tried to have the beast taxidermied. After all, what was a source of prestige in life could continue long after death when properly stuffed and mounted. The only trouble was that for whatever reason, the taxidermist was only given the pelt and the bones of the beast to work from. The story goes that the poor taxidermist, lacking the modern conveniences of Wikipedia and Google image search just didn't have the find understanding of large feline bone structure to put together a convincing facsimile. What you see above is the result. Now, I am no expert, but I think that's only half the story, because when seen from the side the lion actually has quite a ferocious appearance.

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Apple’s Back to the Mac Event: Announcement Roundup

Apple held its "Back to the Mac" event and streamed it across the Internet for all to see. The big announcements were a new iLife suite, FaceTime coming to OS X, a new version of OS X dubbed "Lion," a new MacBook Air, and the Mac App Store. Head past the jump for details and screenshots.

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