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Homemade 3D Printer Gets Hi-Res Upgrade

Jose Carlos Veloso Junior has been attempting to improve the resolution on his 3D printer, which at first may seem like an odd concept, but when comparing the above photos of the blue bust on the left and the orange bust on the right, the results of the concept become apparent. Originally, Jose used a specific technique on the blue bust in order to achieve a higher resolution: He used liquid resin that is cured with visible light. The resin was placed on a glass tray and was cured when a projector shined a light on it, the cured resin then raised the Z-axis, and the next layer in the 3D print was hardened using said projector's light.

The newer, orange bust is a much better result than the initial blue bust, with its layer lines barely noticeable, if not noticeable at all. Jose claims the orange bust is fresh from the printer and no work was performed on the bust after printing to produce the smooth results. He is currently not divulging his production secrets, though he has said that he tweaked the software to use a more precise curing time, improved the resin formula, has changed the way the printer is calibrated, and the printer's ability to isolate pixels without hardening the surrounding resin has been improved as well. Head on past the break to see a video of the printer in action.

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