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What Could $1.6 Million In Stolen Apple Products Look Like?

Whatever hangovers, hookups, or regrettable strikeouts your New Year's Eve may have had in store, we're prepared to say your evening was probably still better than that of Apple Store employees in Paris, who not only had to work the holiday, but spent it being held up by a team of armed robbers. Just one employee was slightly hurt, thankfully, but the robbers escaped in a van brimming over with Apple gadgets before police arrived on the scene. The company isn't sharing the particulars of just what goods were nicked in this Grand Theft Apple, but they have put the price tag for the whole theft at about 1 millions euros, or close to $1.6 million. What goods could a theft that big from an Apple store have potentially netted the thieves responsible? We do the math below.

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Alaska Airlines Replaces Flight Manuals With iPads

Alaska Airlines says that by mid-June, all of its pilots will be flying with swanky new iPads instead of stuffy old paper flight manuals. The move will save the pilots the trouble of lugging around 50lb flight bags, replacing the bulk with 1.5lb tablets from Apple. Some trees will be able to breathe easier as well, since the tablets will save the airline from issuing over 2.4 million pieces of paper. Instead, the documents will be issued as PDFs accessible through the GoodReader app. Airline navigators shouldn't feel left out though, as the airline is looking into replacing navigational charts with iPads as well. However, this good news comes with an interesting caveat: Because the iPad is a "class 1 electronic device," they must be stowed during takeoff and landing. (via Engadget)

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