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This New Printer Uses Water Instead Of Ink And We Would Like One Immediately Please

Seriously, ink cartridges are going to bankrupt us all.

Printer cartridges are both ridiculously expensive and harmful to the environment, making them terrible on many different levels; but still, not everyone likes to read on a screen. To solve this dilemma, Chinese scientists have developed a new type of ink for your printer - ink that isn't actually ink at all. It's water.

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Ink Cartridge Product Description Reveals a Seething Well of Hidden Rage

A copywriter for evidently got very tired of writing product descriptions for things like remanufactured HP 300 ink cartridges; above, a screenshot of this writer's product description rant before it was taken down from the site. While I am tempted to call "fake," the typos make it seem plausible. In text form:

Remanufactured HP 300. Contains 8ml of high quality pigment ink and will print 380 ... Do you know what? I really can't be bothered with writing these description anymore, it's a printer cartridge! What am I supposed to write really??? It's a cartridge that prints ink on to paper, you could print some work stuff or a colouring in page for the kids that they'll half do and then leave laying around on the floor or a poster of the horrible Jonas Bothers for your teen daughter hoping that she might stop listening to there pathetic attempt of music so much. There good quality cartridges I'll admit that, every time I've sneakily took some home with me they've worked perfectly, but the thing that's doing my head in now is writing about them day in and day out with the boss giving me an impossible deadline to finish them all by which means I can't even sit at my desk pretending to work like I know most people do in this place. My advice to you is if you've got to this page then you probably need a cartridge, or you have a weird fetish for ink cartridges, either way it's a ink cartridge, it works perfectly, so if you want one buy one, if you don't then why havn't you left this page allready? Signed: The guy who writes the boring everyday mundane descriptions about printer cartridges everyday.
( [page since suspended] via Gizmodo)

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Ink and Toner Cartridge Ban Hits the TSA

The TSA has actually banned ink and toner cartridges onboard flights following an ink- and toner-related bomb scare in late October. B3tan chthonic got ahold of this confidential Homeland Security notice on the subject: We will not cease banding together in defense of our security, but hopefully spooler print heads will prevail in the glossy full-face of this nozzle check on our freedom. (B3ta via Boing Boing)

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