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Indie Game Incredipede Will Hurt Your Brain, Crawl Into Your Heart


I love it when a game doesn’t talk down to me. Too often, I find myself in a scenario like this: An NPC says “Hey, maybe there’s a lever nearby that will open that door!” The lever is then marked with a blinking arrow, or actual text reading “LEVER.” When I arrive at the lever, another message appears. “Press E to activate lever.” Yes, thank you. I get it. The problem with this approach is that it doesn't give me an intuitive sense for the mechanics, and I don’t get to explore on my own. All it does is make me prove that I can obey commands and push buttons. That doesn't make me feel like I’m playing. It makes me feel like a trained seal. This limitation is refreshingly absent in Incredipede, a beautiful, brain-bruising puzzler from husband-and-wife team Colin and Sarah Northway.

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