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Thanks, Google: Porn-Only Search Engine Experiences 50% Traffic Boost

Earlier this week, Google had put a search filter in place that made it difficult for those with a taste for adult entertainment to scroll through Google Images for pornographic pics. While they weren't expunged entirely from the system, it did manage to discourage some from putting in the time and effort to find them. While the number of pornographic searches on Google have gone down, there's one search engine gaining from the billion dollar corporation's loss. The porn-only search engine known as has reported a 50% traffic increase in matter of 24 hours. That's whole lot of people with a desperate need to get their unsavory fix.

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“.xxx” Domains to Become Reality…Again

For the second time, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers is set to sign off on creating ".xxx" domain names for use by pornographic websites. Originally endorsed in 2005 and then rescinded by ICANN, the new domain would theoretically make it easier to filter out adult content from online browsing and better organize adult sites. The push for new domains, which would operate similarly to ".com" names, is being headed by the ICM Registry, a company which claims over 110,000 applicants for .xxx domains. Not everyone is pleased with the possibility of an internet "red-light district," though. From the BBC:

[...] many pornographers worry that the move could ghettoise their content. Religious groups have argued that giving pornography sites their own domain legitimises the content.
Of course, creating the new domains does not force anyone to use them. Much as ".biz" is a rarely used domain name, it seems likely to me that .xxx would languish as well. After all, there are plenty of people who probably don't want their naughty Internet use made more transparent, and plenty of content producers who want to keep their sites as accessible as possible. (via BBC)

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