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NASA Finds That Nuclear War Would Solve Global Warming

NASA scientists performed a test to find out how nuclear winter would affect the environment and modeled a war involving one hundred Hiroshima-grade bombs, which, as a scary side note, is around 0.03 percent of the world's nuclear arsenal. The scientists predicted that the explosions and subsequent fires would move about five million metric tons of black carbon into the lowest layer of the Earth's atmosphere. The odd thing is that in NASA climate models, this black carbon absorbed solar heat, which was predicted to reduce average global temperatures by 2.25 degrees Fahrenheit for two to three years after the black carbon took over the sky. Even after ten years, NASA's climate model predicted that the global average temperate would be 0.9 degrees Fahrenheit cooler than what it was before the nuclear war. Of course, agriculture wouldn't be doing so well, there'd be about ten percent less precipitation for up to four years after the the war, and the ozone would be decreasing more quickly. Oh, and you know those human things? They wouldn't be doing to well either. Another interesting tidbit NASA found from their morbid research, is that even a regional nuclear conflict, rather than a global one, would have some kind of negative global impact. (National Geographic via The Reference Frame)

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Climate Change Vs. The Weather: A Reminder

As the northeast gets buried under its third significant snowfall in as many weeks, it's worthwhile to take some time to remember what most media outlets won't remind us of: Just because we still have seasons, doesn't mean that climate change isn't happening. (via Geeks Are Sexy.)

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Almost Three Miles Of Glacier Break Off in One Night

The globe just keeps on warming, and on the night of July 6, the effects of that made themselves known in drastic fashion. In just a single night, a 2.7-square-mile block of ice completely broke off from Greenland's Jakobshavn Isbrae glacier. For a look at the before and after images, see above, and you can click to enlarge for a better comparison. Now, while this seems like a huge occurence, it isn't all that uncommon these days. What's unique about this particular ice-loss is that it happened at a time when climate conditions didn't foreshadow it at all.

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Uncommon Signs of Global Warming: Hunting Mammoths

Hunting mammoths might not appear to be the most direct sign of global warming, but an article in the LA Times this week has convinced us.

"Russian scientists disagree over whether global warming is responsible. Some say yes, others are skeptical. But nobody argues that the permafrost is dwindling," and as the Siberian permafrost disappears, it exposes the thousand year old remains of frozen mammoths, their bones and tusks ready for collection.

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