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Holiday Overeating Resets Your ‘Food Clock,’ Is Even Worse For You Than Once Thought

As I type this, holiday eating is unleashing sheer havoc on my poor, defenseless waistline, and I suspect I'm in good company on that front. A new study in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, though, says it's not just the rich, delicious food we eat over the holidays that contributes to our bulging bellies -- nor is it the grotesque platefuls of Mom's mac and cheese we'll put away without blinking, racing our poor siblings to the only seconds on a given dish we'll get all year. Instead, the timing of our meals -- which, if your holidays are like mine, expands to a 24-hour-eating cycle this time of year -- is also a factor in our unhealthy eating habits, resetting our biological clocks and tricking our bodies into thinking we're hungry.

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