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CBS Would Like to Have Its Editorial Independence Cake and Eat It Too

As you may or may not recall, CBS made waves not all that long ago when they decreed from on high that CNET, which exists under the greater CBS umbrella, would not be granting Dish Network's Hopper an award after this year's Consumer Electronics Show. Now, the award would have normally been a blip on the radar, but CBS interfering with CNET's journalism gave the whole thing way more publicity. More amusing, however, is the fact that CBS is also fighting for the editorial independence of CNET when it comes to an injunction to prevent them from covering BitTorrent. Yeah.

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Google Wants to Launch Their Own Cellular Network, Compete With the Likes of AT&T

Now that Google's Android operating system has been gobbling up market share left and right, it's only natural that the search giant would set their eyes on an even bigger prize. There is already speculation circulating around that perhaps Google isn't satisfied with just having a major stake in smartphone operating systems. As far as rumors go, this is a big one, but it's not hard to believe that Google has been in talks to launch their own cellular network. If they can pull off Google Fiber, they can certainly pull building a cellular network.

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Dish Network Buries the Hatchet With Voom HD, Now Folks Can Return to Watching The Walking Dead

Unfortunately for everyone caught in the crossfire, Dish Network and AMC have been duking it out over what the former referred to as a distribution problem and the latter said was a legal dispute with Voom HD. See, Dish Network dropped the Voom HD channels back in 2008, which led to them disappearing altogether, and litigation has been ongoing since. AMC Networks, which operates the aptly-named AMC, once operated those Voom HD channels. After much deliberation, and a payout to the tune of $700 million, Dish customers will once more be able to watch The Walking Dead.

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People Love Gross Zombies – The Walking Dead Season 3 Premiere Breaks Basic Cable Records

We Have Done the Impossible and That Makes Us Mighty

In my recap of the Season 3 premiere of AMC's The Walking Dead, I noted an improvement from last season's languished happenings. It seems lots of other people were willing to give the show, based on Robert Kirkman's comic, another chance. While last season's finale broke records for AMC, the Season 3 premiere broke basic cable records. Hit the jump to find out by how much.

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Dish No Longer Looking to Turn Blockbuster Into Netflix Rival, Might Not Know What to Do With It

When Blockbuster was snatched up by Dish Network, the plan was to turn the brand into something of a Netflix rival by providing streaming content to mobile devices sold by Dish. Unfortunately, Dish's expectations of federal approval didn't come to fruition, and so that plan initially fizzled and now it looks like they're not going to pursue it further. It looks like Charlie Ergen, founder and chairman of Dish, might not know what exactly to do with Blockbuster now that they have it.

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AMC Unleashes Zombies On New York City To Make A Point About DISH Network


If you watch AMC, you may have noticed a few references to the DISH Network recently during your favorite shows. That's because they dropped AMC, WEtv, IFC and Sundance Channel from their service and a lot of people aren't happy about it. So AMC did the only logical thing - they unleashed a horde of zombies on New York City. Thank god I wasn't out on the streets that day. I might have gone all Michonne. You can find out more at

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Blockbuster to Be Bought by Dish Network

The long saga of Blockbuster's bankruptcy looks like it has come to an end with the announcement that Dish Network would be buying the troubled retailer for roughly $228 million in cash after adjustments. Bidding on Blockbuster reportedly extended into the early hours of this morning, with investor Carl Icahn trailing just behind Dish Network's ultimately successful bid. So what's likely to come of this? Promotional tie-ins, for one: In Dish Network's press release, company EVP Tom Cullen said that “With its more than 1,700 store locations, a highly recognizable brand and multiple methods of delivery, Blockbuster will complement our existing video offerings while presenting cross-marketing and service extension opportunities for DISH Network.” But using retail locations to hawk Dish Network subscriptions is just one piece of the puzzle: The other is Blockbuster's Internet streaming rights from major Hollywood studios. An analyst writes:

As part of an acquisition, DISH would presumably get Blockbuster’s Internet streaming rights, the Blockbuster brand and its customer lists. Combined with a build-out of the wireless spectrum it has acquired and technology from EchoStar and Hughes, we believe DISH could launch an on demand movie service that would 1) significantly enhance the competitive offering of the DISH Network, and 2) compete on a standalone basis with Netflix and other over-the-top video services.
Could a Dish-resuscitated Blockbuster resurge as a Netflix competitor? Stranger things have happened. In any event, this is a more interesting outcome than Blockbuster being bought by creditors who wanted to pick its bones dry, and potentially more beneficial for consumers as well. (h/t CNET)

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Montana RadioShack Offering Free Gun with Dish Network Subscription

For some reason, a RadioShack in Hamilton, Montana thought it would make sense to offer a free gun with every Dish Network subscription, using the humorous and somewhat clever slogan pictured above. Even weirder than the pairing of the Dish Network and guns, is that the store's owner claims business has tripled since the promotion began in October. In order to qualify for the deal, customers sign up for the Dish Network, pay for installation and buy a specific amount of related equipment from the RadioShack, at which point, they receive a gift certificate for a local gun store and can choose between a Hi Point 380 pistol or a 20-gauge shotgun.

Don't worry, though, as the gun store runs all of the usual background checks, because -- as the RadioShack store manager puts it -- "we're not just giving guns to felons." The RadioShack manager claims it was difficult for them to get the Dish Network onboard with the free gun idea, as they've never had a gun promotion before (who would've guessed?) and were nervous about it.

Hilariously, if the customer either passes on the free gun offer or fails the background check, they can choose a $50 Pizza Hut gift card instead. The store manager claims that this promotion has been so successful, that they plan on running the same kind of deal next month with a DirecTV package.

(Ravalli Republic via The Consumerist via Gizmodo)

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