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Google Accuses Bing of Copying Search Results [Update]

Over at Search Engine Land, blogger Danny Sullivan has the scoop on a pattern in Bing search results which, Google alleges, shows that Microsoft's rival search engine is piggybacking off of Google's search results. [Bing is currently an advertiser on Geekosystem and other Abrams Media sites.] The full, nitty-gritty details are available on Sullivan's site, but in short, Google thinks that Microsoft is using search tools associated with its Internet Explorer browser to peek at users' search behavior on Google, then effectively copying what they choose to click on. In an attempt to "sting" Bing, Google manually created 100 sets of search results for nonsense queries like "hiybbprqag" and "mbzrxpgjys"; for between seven and nine of those queries, Google found that Bing displayed the same results, which suggested that Bing was copying off Google's answer sheet.

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Beginning of the End? Google Might Split Buzz Off From Gmail

When the public reaction to Google Buzz took a fast negative turn, the company made swift changes to alleviate privacy concerns surrounding the service's automatic tendency to share information.

But now, Google may be taking an even more drastic step: One of Google's top executives has said that the company may be splitting Buzz apart from Google, making it a standalone service that can still integrate into Gmail:

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