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Watch in Rapt Amazement as a Beautiful Chalk Mario Takes Shape [Video]

You've no doubt seen amazing chalk drawings that are so exacting in their geometric precision that they actually appear to pop (or plummet) from the pavement. While these are obviously labors of love, this time-lapse video of artist Chris Carlson creating a 3D Mario piece is stunning. Especially how much time he spends on the D-pad alone. Marvelous.

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Chess Set Made of Chalk Allows Sore Losers to Pour Water On the Board Instead of Flip it Over

This chalk chess set is a neat thing that exists, which you can make exist anywhere you want if you pony up $19.95 over at Useful Things. Originally made by the visually unappealingly named SUCK UK, they're sold out, so Useful Things is the way to go for now. All pieces stand 1.5 inches high, though the King towers over the others in a royal way with an extra 2 inches. SUCK UK encourages the cheating capability of the pieces: Draw the board in chalk, but then redraw the board the way you like with the very pieces themselves when your opponent looks away. More pictures of the dissolvable-by-water set after the jump.

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Terracotta LEGO Street Art

Nothing like a little staggeringly 3D-looking street art to brighten up your day and make you wish that you were talented at things other than wasting time on the Internet. Have no fear: I've got you covered. Above is a stunning street-chalking done by Planet Street Painting for the Sarasota Chalk Festival. Head on past the jump to check out the initial wireframe.

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