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Feminism Around the World: Canadian Burlesque Dancer Tracks Down Fat-Shaming Internet Troll…a 15-Year-Old Boy

Jessica Davey-Quantick is a Canadian burlesque dancer who has a prolific Instagram. Now, it's already kind of a big deal for a woman to be online at all with, you know, a life or opinions, as evidenced by the trolls many of us suffer on a daily basis. Layer on top of that the identity of "burlesque performer," and you bring out all the specifically appearance-focused and/or "morality" focused sexism. Add the fact that the burlesque dancer in question is fat? You've hit the trifecta.

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Incredible Sandman Life Drawing Class/Burlesque Show

We tend to pass on geeky burlesque here because we don't want to be the site that does a full post whenever a star of the Justice League Porn Parody sneezes. But Dr. Sketchy's recent tribute to Neil Gaiman's Sandman blew us away.  Dr. Sketchy's isn't exactly pure burlesque.  Referring to itself as an Anti-Art School, it's an international franchise that mixes burlesque with life-drawing.  From Wikipedia:
A Dr. Sketchy's class may consist of a burlesque dancer (such as Veronica Varlow) or some type of performer (drag queens, trapeze artists, or roller derby girls) as the featured model, with drawing contests during breaks. Sketchers are known as "art monkeys", a term borrowed from the Madagascar Institute. Dr. Sketchy's features heavy drinking games, comedic skits and onstage go-go dancing.
What makes the Sandman tribute so amazing is a combination of costuming, casting, and performer characterization.

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