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Be Afraid: Robots Are Studying Us, Learning to Mimic Our Movements

While you surf the web, go about your job, or just generally live your life, scientists are working hard to usher humanity swiftly to its inevitable decline. I realize there are many ways to do this and many fine men and women are on the job, but researchers at Cornell University have been teaching robots how to learn by watching our behavior. That's right. Robots are studying our every move, and they're learning.

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New Breed of Flying Robot Sees and Avoids Obstacles With Real Time 3D Vision

Researchers at Cornell University working on a grant from DARPA have crafted a quadrocopter robot that can navigate around obstacles in real-time using a new type of 3D vision. This autonomous vision could pave the way for flying rescue robots that don't have to be controlled by humans and can enter caves or broken-down buildings and navigate on their own. Of course, it also paves the way for flying murderbots that can see us wherever we hide and means no place will ever be safe again, but, you know, you take the good with the bad.

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