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Sit Down, Navigator: Researchers Are Building an Airplane You Can Fly With Your Mind

Ironically, it doesn't work if you just think, "Please don't crash."

Researchers in Germany are developing a plane that flies using only the information in your mind. I guess it's time for a Flight of the Navigator reboot. The system uses a fancy mind control helmet to read your thoughts and take you wherever you want to go. Too bad you don't know the way from your house to a 7-Eleven.

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Travel Posters for Pop Culture Locations, by Dave Perillo

eye candy

We're no stranger to travel posters for fictional locations, but Dave Perillo's art sure is charming. Ventur in for more '80s nostalgia, and then a bunch of stuff that isn't even a travel poster but that's cute enough anyway.

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$425 Will Get You an Hour Long Air Tour of Cincinnati, Membership to the Mile High Club

Careful readers will recall a couple that made waves for, ah, "doing the deed" while skydiving. If, like them, you're interested in joining the so-called Mile High Club but aren't interested in freefalls, then Cincinnati's Flamingo Air is probably more up your alley. For $425, couples can choose their flightplan, are given some romantic treats, and get an anything-goes hour of privacy in the back of a single-engine airplane. Be still, my heart.

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This Airplane is Not Very Far Off the Ground At All [Video]

It seems like an Argentinian pilot decided to have some fun with his buddies, and did a super-low flyby much to their shock and chagrin. Though watching a fighter jet streak by mere feet off the ground is amazing, my favorite part is the streak the plane's exhaust leaves over the grass. He must have been very low, indeed. Now, some of you might doubt the veracity of this video -- after all, it is pretty incredible. But there are two sides to every story, and if you want to see the pilot's perspective on this little stunt, read on after the break.

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L.A. to Paris in Two Minutes [Video]

Nate Bolt had some very patient neighbors on his flight from Los Angeles to Paris, who didn't mind his camera clicking every few seconds as he documented the trip for this stunning stop-motion video. Compressing 11 hours into two minutes, this video has beautiful mountains, stars wheeling overhead, and even an appearance by the Aurora Borealis. The view almost makes up for the lack of peanuts. (via Laughing Squid)

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Airplane, With All the Jokes Taken Out

Turns out, there are fourteen whole minutes of Airplane that don't have jokes in them. We never would have guessed. (via BoingBoing.)

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R.I.P. Peter Graves: Mission: Impossible Star; Airplane!’s Captain Oveur

Peter Graves, the Mission: Impossible star who inspired countless geeky fantasies of espionage and self-destructing tapes as the star of the kinda-funny, kinda-serious series from season 2 on, but who we'll remember best as Captain Clarence Oveur from Airplane! and Airplane II: The Sequel ("Clarence Oveur, over"), passed away yesterday at the age of 83 due to an apparent heart attack, the Washington Post reports.

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