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Things We Saw Today: Wow, a Lot of PG-Rated Films Were Really Messed Up

Kevin Maher (the mind behind the "Monster Gaze" video we also shared) compiled some of the most terrifying moments of PG films that left a deep scar on our young psyches that we've never fully recovered from. Did you see any of your childhood nightmares?

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Republicans Understand So Little About Pregnancy & Abortion, They Voted to Let Pregnant Women Murder People

Pregnant women in New Hampshire were THIS CLOSE to being able to murder with impunity.

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What Alien: Covenant Has in Common With Anti-Abortion Legislation

Imagine a room full of androids. Not necessarily megalomaniacs like David, but human-like beings who are safe from facehuggers and alien viruses, making the decisions about preventing xenomorph attacks. Sounds like the horror movie it is, doesn’t it?

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A Group of Handmaids Sat in Chilling Silent Protest of an Ohio Anti-Abortion Bill

Nolite te bastardes carborundorum.

What clearer, more timely visual than these women from an all-too-realistic dystopia in which reproductive rights are a thing of the past?

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Birthright: A War Story Doc Offers Chilling Glimpse of the Real-Life Handmaid’s Tale We’re Living

There's a reason why watching Hulu's The Handmaid's Tale feels so eerily relevant. It's because we're currently living in a country in which what's depicted on that show or in that novel isn't too far off from what's actually happening in real life. Right now.

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Things We Saw Today: Marvel Celebrates The Gifted Series Order With Awesome New Teaser

There's a new Marvel show coming to town and it's called The Gifted.

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This is Jane Will Tell the Story of Chicago’s Underground Feminist Abortion Service In the Years Before Roe V. Wade

Too timely for comfort

Amazon has picked up the rights to a spec screenplay based on Laura Kaplan's nonfiction book, The Story of Jane: The Legendary Underground Feminist Abortion Service.

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Shonda Rhimes’ Speech at Planned Parenthood Gala Will Inspire You to Fight at Full Speed

"So … we work. I will do my part. I will do champion-y things. As hard as I can. I will CONSCIOUSLY make an effort to do champion-y things. Because what I did before, that was me at half-speed. Me at full speed? Get out of the way, please."

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Looking at Who Gets to Talk When We Talk About Abortion Reveals Some Disturbing Trends

Who is having the public conversation on abortion and what are they getting wrong?

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The Scandal Cast Assembles to Discuss Olivia’s Abortion, Dropping Columbus Short and More

With Scandal prepping for its 100th episode set in an alternate reality, the cast, crew and creator/showrunner Shonda Rhimes gathered to reminisce about the political drama's most notable moments on and off the screen.

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An Anti-Abortion Crusade Appropriates “Abolitionists”

Meet the “abolitionists” of Abolish Abortion Texas, a Texas Anti-Abortion religious right crusade so ruthless that even other anti-abortion activists would just whistle tentatively at the idea of being affiliated with them.

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Tomi Lahren’s Show Stops Production After Pro-Choice Comments Made on The View

After writing about Tomi Lahren back in December, I silently promised myself that I would never write about her again. I didn't want to give her any more of a platform than she already has. However, now that Trump has become President, I believe that examining the Tomi Lahrens of the world is especially important in that it allows us to navigate our increasingly fraught path toward gender equality.

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Trump Tells Planned Parenthood They Can Keep Their Funding If They Stop Providing Abortions

The White House offered an insulting, implausible deal to Planned Parenthood.

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Feminism Around the World: Irish Women Set to Strike If Referendum on Abortion Ban Not Held by March 8th

There's a lot of striking going on these days (probably because there's so much injustice going on that's just begging to be protested). Check out what's happening in Ireland.

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Feminism Around the World: Peruvian Case Prompts UN to Affirm Abortion As A Human Right

So, access to safe and legal abortions is now a human right according to the United Nations.

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VP Mike Pence Delivers Speech to Anti-Abortion March for Life Rally, Maybe Don’t Forget About How Bad He Is, Too

Vice President Mike Pence just delivered a speech to the March for Life anti-choice rally, becoming the first Vice President in history to do so.

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Revisiting Roe vs. Wade and How It’s In More Jeopardy Than Ever

44 years and counting. But are its days numbered?

As part of our ongoing series looking at the legal realities of Trump’s America, we look back at Roe v Wade to consider its future survival.

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Why Does the Women’s March on Washington Keep Adding & Removing Pro-Life Partnerships?

Curiouser and curiouser.

The event aims to represent "people of all genders, ages, races, cultures, political affiliations and backgrounds." That is a huge undertaking. Some might say impossible.

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National Version of Ohio’s “Heartbeat Bill” Introduced In House of Representatives

Iowa Congressman Steve King introduced a national version of Ohio's vetoed "Heartbeat Bill" in the U.S. House of Representatives.

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What’s a Hippocratic Oath: Texas Judge Allows Doctors to Discriminate Against Trans/Abortion Patients

Healthcare is already hard enough for these two groups—why are they making it harder?

U.S. District Judge Reed O'Connor just made a ruling which states that doctors are allowed to refuse care to transgender patients and/or patients who have previously had abortions.

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