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Swiss Army Flash Drives Sure Aren't Dull

My favorite part of being in the Boy Scouts was having an excuse to carry around a knife and matches. If you ever had that thrill and want to get it back without upping the ante and getting a bowie knife or something, Swiss Army flash drives are just what you didn’t know you needed. While they don’t come with little scissors, or a corkscrew, these drives are shock-resistant and water-proof. According to Technabob, they come in sizes from 4GB to 128GB, single and double blade variety and run the gamut of prices from $39.99 USD for the smallest all the way up to $349.99 for the biggest.

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Although these flash drives are looking sharp (ha!), you’ll notice that they aren’t available in classic red. I can see how that might be preferable to a sticker that flat-out says “this doesn’t actually have blades on it,” but if I’m gonna shell out for Swiss Army gear, I prefer that it doesn’t look like a limited-edition Easter version. The neon-ish colors should make them easier to find when you drop them in the garbage, or the shredder bin, whatever the office equivalent of a pile of dry leaves is.

(UberGizmo via TechnaBob)

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