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Badass Book Babes: Suzanne Collins Announces New YA Series, G.R.R. Martin to Edit “Dangerous Women” Anthology

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The Hunger Games‘ Suzanne Collins announces her next series and George R.R. Martin promises some Westros content in the anthology he’s co-editing, so come on behind the jump for some news about books. Maybe you’ve heard of them? They live on your Kindle now.

It’s been three years since Suzanne Collins completed her Hunger Games trilogy, and since then the books have only gotten more famous, with no less than four films on their way to bringing the whole story to the big screen. Fans were probably a little disappointed that the YA author’s next project, Year of the Jungle, was a picture book aimed for younger kids, but then again, it’s hard to be angry about an autobiographical picture book about the authors memories of her father serving in the Vietnam War. But Collins has announced that she’ll be writing her first YA series since The Hunger Games.

And, well, there’s not much else we know about it. Hypable speculates that we’d see it published in 2014 or early 2015. Collins, currently scripting the two movies that will adapt her novel Mockingjay, is a pretty cool real woman, but author George R.R. Martin has also just announced his participation in a project about cool fictional women, so, that’s a segue.

Now before you all you Game of Thrones fans freak out about him not writing something, I will put the unnecessary mollifying details up front: Martin is co-editing an anthology of short sci-fi fantasy stories that centrally feature kick ass female characters with Gardner Dozois. He’s also contributing one story to the anthology, The Princess and the Queen, which he promises will be set in Westeros, telling the story of the war known as the Dance of the Dragons.

Other talent involved in Dangerous Women includes Jim ButcherCarrie VaughnMegan LindholmBrandon SandersonSharon Kay PenmanLev GrossmanNancy KressDiana RowlandDiana GabaldonSherilynn KenyonPat Cadigan, and Caroline Spector, so that’s definitely something that deserves further investigation by my eyeballs.

(via Hypable, Jezebel.)

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