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The Samsung Storm Trooper Vacuum Is Over $300 off in the Mary Sue Shop

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Is there anything better than doing your chores without actually, you know, doing your chores? Nah. We’ve been obsessed with robot vacuums forever, and we didn’t think they could get any better. But they can and they have. Bring the power of the force to your floors with the Samsung POWERbot Star Wars Robot Vacuum. The theme is a plus, but even without it, it’s an amazing deal—46% off the regular price of $699.

Unleash the force and this Star Wars-themed robot vacuum will super-clean your floors. Not only does it have 20x the suction power of its predecessor, but it’ll also adjust its suction depending on the surface, leaving behind a perfect clean. As it moves, it’ll avoid obstacles like chair legs and memorize your home’s layout, making for a more efficient clean each time. It’s easy to leave the room and let it do its thing, but you may want to stick around to hear your favorite sound effects from the movies in response to commands.

Clean up your act. Grab the Samsung POWERbot Star Wars Robot Vacuum for just $372 at the Mary Sue Shop.

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