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Steal a Laptop from a Geek, End Up Shamed On YouTube

What you’re looking at here is a thief getting his groove on, blissfully unaware of his folly. This man, you see, stole the laptop of techno-wunderkind Mark Bao. Being the clever type, Bao was able to gain remote access to his stolen computer and discovered this video the thief had made of himself. Bao then posted the video to YouTube, titled appropriately “Don’t steal computers belonging to people who know how to use computers.” Truly, words to live by.

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But the story continues on Reddit, where Bao announced this morning that the thief turned himself in to the police. The culprit even sent Bao a rather half-hearted apology.


hey Mark.

I am sorry for all that I have done. I would ask for forgiveness in person but I am not allow to go back on campus for what I did. I was being a dumbass for thinking I could get away with something like this. I hope I didn’t cause you so much trouble over it either. I went to your school at 2 am so i can try to fix things. I left the laptop there with campus police. I left a statement and I am waiting on the detective to look over the police report to see what will happen to me. Like I have said. I am truely sorry for what I have done and I promise you and myself that it would not happen again. I am not this kind of person. I am a respectful person and I don’t know why I did something like this. I am sorrry for that.

I know I am in no position for asking you for favors but Can you please put down the videos that you have put up of me. I know what I did was wrong and if i was a different person line leave it up but I do have two Professional lobs that iif something like that gets leak I can get in morre trouble and be more embarress as well. So I will Ask for that huge favor.

lf you want we can meet up so I can say sorry in person. I feel like that would be a good idea. It would not change much but at least I can say I said it in person.


With the laptop now returned the happy ending continues: Bao purchased a new computer before the return of the old one. Instead of keeping it for himself, he’s placed it on eBay and has promised to donate the money to relief efforts in Japan. A classy move, to be sure.

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