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Okay, If Stargate Origins Is Gonna Be “Catherine Langford As Indiana Jones in Space,” I’m Here For It

MGM has posted a behind-the-scenes teaser for Stargate Origins, the Stargate prequel that’s focused on Catherine Langford. After Langford’s father, archaeologist Paul Langford, discovered the Stargate in 1928, she became fascinated by its mysteries and dedicated herself to deciphering the alien hieroglyphics.

The series will follow young Langford as she researches and discovers. “Young Catherine Langford embarks on an unexpected adventure,” reads the IMDB summary, “to unlock the mystery of what lies beyond the Stargate in order to save the Earth from darkness.”

This video doesn’t tell us too much about the series itself, but I’m digging the overall aesthetic. If we get a Mummy-style, Indiana Jones-in-space adventure starring a woman archaeologist, I’ll be here for it. This series would still need to be careful with its handling of colonialism and Europe’s pillaging of Egypt’s national historic treasures, as well as its treatment of people of color, but it could work if handled correctly.

However, I’m still not sure if this series has the concept and the story to draw viewers to a digital-only streaming platform. According to the Comic-Con announcement, Stargate Origins will consist of ten web episodes of ten minutes each, all of which will be exclusively available on Stargate Command, MGM’s new Stargate-centric online streaming service. (As with Star Trek: Discovery, I’d really appreciate if studios could stop shoving their women-centered shows onto exclusive streaming platforms.)

I’ll have to wait for the full trailer to see whether this is worth checking out, but I’m definitely more intrigued that I initially was.

(Via io9; image via screengrab)

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