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‘Star Wars: Visions’ Director Magdalena Osinka Talks Mother/Daughter Relationships and ‘Star Wars’

The poster for Visions volume 2

What makes Star Wars: Visions so special is how the series brings artists and creatives from around the world together to tell their own Star Wars stories an season one was a beautiful exploration of that. With the first look we’ve gotten of season two, it looks like more of the brilliance we’ve come to love from Visions.

At Star Wars Celebration, I was lucky enough to sit in on the press conference for volume 2 of Star Wars: Visions and we listened as reporter Edith Bowman asked questions of the creatives for the series, which include Magdalena Osinka’s new short featuring a mother and daughter relationship. When asked how she balances bringing that personal story into the project, Osinka talked about her mother, becoming a mother herself, and telling female stories.

“There is not that many things about mothers and one of my previous shorts I did about a father son relationship, and I was like, ‘Why not even a female? But I think because I’m a mother now and I went through pregnancy, nine months of carrying this child, give birth, you know, feeding my own body. I just, I’m super superhuman, right?,” she said. “So I think being a mother now, I understand that mothers are really superhuman. And they are incredible. They’re amazing. And it’s also made me realize that I should have really appreciated my mom at times, much more. Because she’s taught me so much, she’s always been super motivating. I’m from Poland. It’s a British film, but thank you so much for giving this opportunity to me. So I grew up in not a very privileged environment, and my mom was always, ‘you can do it. I believe in you. ‘She was always super motivating.”

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Motherhood and Star Wars doesn’t always mix

The short, which Osinka said at the panel is about a mother and daughter and their relationship, is rare for the world of Star Wars. Mainly in that mothers tend to die. There was Padmé, who died giving birth to Luke and Leia. Not to mention Anakin’s own mother Shmi being killed in Attack of the Clones. Then we lose Leia in the sequel trilogy and…you get the point. (Breha Organa also died. Moms just rarely make it out.)

So to have a story that is seemingly nice to the moms of Star Wars is great actually and something that fans are probably going to cling to when they finally get to see the short film, airing on May the 4th.

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