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Angry Men Accidentally Review Bomb a 2008 Movie Instead of ‘The Acolyte’

Sometimes, the internet just is so outrageous that we have to laugh. That’s what continues to happen with the negative reaction to Star Wars: The Acolyte. Any criticism you might have to the show is being drowned out by…well, man babies crying because it isn’t a show starring white men.

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The Acolyte is currently airing on Disney+ and stars Amandla Stenberg as Mae and Osha, twins separated when they were children. The series gives us a look into the High Republic era of Star Wars and somehow, people are furious that the show exists.

We have already talked about how the angry neckbeards with their pitch forks have sent their minions to review bomb the series on Rotten Tomatoes, but now it is getting worse. Instead of review bombing The Acolyte, they’ve turned their attention to a 2008 movie titled Acolytes that has nothing to do with Star Wars.

Rotten Tomatoes has now, seemingly, fixed the issue, with the last review being from 2018, but there are posts documenting some of the comments left on a movie that has nothing to do with this television series.

All this does is show how little thought is put in by these haters. They could have easily spent their time doing literally anything else but instead are so angry that a show like The Acolyte exists that they won’t even make sure they’re on the right page to talk badly about it.

So this poor movie, that really did nothing wrong other than have a name similar to a new Star Wars show, is getting trashed for being “unwatchable” because it has so many “discontinuties.” I’m assuming that reviewer meant continuity errors (which The Acolyte does not have).

This continues to shut down any real criticism someone might have

I personally do not have a lot to say negatively about the show. I love it very much and think it is a fascinating way to explore the Jedi in their “golden age,” but even if I did have something negative to say, it’s impossible to have a good-faith conversation about that given how these angry “fans” are reacting to it.

Every time these angry people loudly shout from their basement dwellings that the show is bad or that men should be the most vocal part of the Star Wars universe, I simply have to laugh. All that does is force anyone criticizing something in the show to stay silent or else they’re thrown into that group of people, or fuel the fire of those kinds of “fans” by giving them something to add to their lists of why they don’t like it.

Review-bombing is ridiculous to begin with, but this is next-level outrageous. They want to hate on this series so badly that they can’t even make sure they’re commenting on the right thing? It is sad to witness, and I hope that those in charge of Star Wars take the right message from this and do not feed into the delusions of those who are encouraging this kind of behavior.

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