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Everyone Hates Mon Mothma’s Crappy Husband on ‘Star Wars: Andor’

Perrin Fertha in Andor

Perrin Fertha sucks. When you think about husbands in Star Wars, we have the likes of Anakin Skywalker, Han Solo, and more, and while they might not be the best, they do care about their wives and love them. But then, there’s Perrin. Played by Alastair Mackenzie, he was introduced to us as Mon Mothma’s husband and has horrible take after horrible take throughout his appearances on Star Wars: Andor—to the point where there’s not a damn thing about him that’s redeemable.

As someone with Imperial connections, Perrin doesn’t seem to care about anything that Mon Mothma does and actively puts her in horrible situations, like making her go to a dinner party filled with people who don’t like her then being mean about the one friend she has there. Whenever she brings up caring about literally anyone other than himself, Perrin mocks her.

In the dictionary of what not to do as a husband, Perrin’s silly little ponytail is the picture of bad husbands everywhere.

Really, he is the worst. Like, if you think of the most unhelpful and unsupportive man in the world, you’d just think of Perrin!

He’s not alone in his horrible ways. He’s recruited his daughter, Leida Mothma, to be as equally crappy to her mother as he is.

Treat Mon Mothma right, you tools

For many of us, Mon Mothma was the figurehead of the Rebellion, and that’s really all we knew about her. We were going to learn more in the prequels with Genevieve O’Reilly playing her, but here scenes were cut, and years later she got to join the cast of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story and tell us more about Mon Mothma before her original appearance in Return of the Jedi.

But with Andor, we’re getting a special look into her rise to power in the Rebellion and the lead up to her being the leader we know her to be—which includes a lot of issues with money and kicking off the fight as well as dealing with her ungrateful family. Perrin doesn’t seem to know what Mon Mothma is doing with the Rebellion, but he does know that she is someone who cares about others.

He does not. And neither does Leida. Their daughter (played by Bronte Carmichael) comes into play after we’ve already spent time hating Perrin and instantly seems to hate her mother—which, look, mother/daughter relationships aren’t easy but come on, Leida. You have to see how much your father sucks.

The family dynamic in the Mothma household is something that is both frustrating and thrilling to watch. It makes Mon Mothma’s role in the Rebellion so satisfying because you see how she had literally no support system—not with those in the Senate, and especially not at home.

But god does Perrin suck, and the more I see him, the more I want to punch him in the fact because Mon Mothma deserves better than having to deal with him in her home on the daily.

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