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Stan Lee Discusses Thor and Captain America Cameos


At Nickelodeon’s Kids Choice Awards yesterday, Stan Lee talked to a reporter about his cameo in Thor and went on to discuss the appeal of comic books for adults. And, as usual, he was really psyched to talk about his projects and how much he loves creating characters for people of all ages. He also discussed the possibility of making cameos in other superhero movies.

First, the cameo. New footage of Thor premiered as CinemaCon in Las Vegas recently and revealed Lee’s cameo role: a truck driver.

“Did I do it well? Did I look like a truck driver? Because I’m a method actor. I bought myself a truck and I rehearsed.”

He is also gearing up for a cameo in the upcoming Captain America: The First Avenger, but as of right now, he doesn’t know what his role will be. Apparently, he just shows up to the set and is given a part to play. But hey, that has clearly worked in the past! Lee has made cameos in every movie made from a Marvel character. But what about a DC Comics character?

“I wonder why DC Comics doesn’t have me do a cameo in [The Dark Knight Rises]? Just think how people would come to see that. They wouldn’t believe it.”

Permission to shout for a moment? Thank you. HOW AWESOME WOULD THAT BE??

But what was touching was how Lee feels about his (and other) comic books being adapted into films:

“I think young kids have always loved fairy tales — stories of monsters and giants and witches,” he said. “But as you get older, you can’t read fairy tales anymore. But then along come superhero stories and they fill the same gap. They’re like fairy tales but they’re for older people in the real world, and I think everybody loves things that are bigger than life, you know? And certainly superhero movies are.”

And in a world of natural disasters, war, political acrimony, economic hardship, etc., who doesn’t need a break from reality?

Here is video of the above interview:

Cheers, Stan Lee!

(Top pic and story via Los Angeles Times)

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