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Snoopy’s One Year Older and Celebrating by Cosplaying as Deadpool!

Look out, Red Baron!

Snoopy is quite the character, but he’s not nearly sassy enough to keep up with, say, Deadpool, right? Well, prepare to change your mind because in a new sketch Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld posted on Instagram, Snoopy is all black and white and red all over.

Awesome, right? Who else would watch a version of the new Deadpool trailer rejigged to star Snoopy instead? Okay, maybe that’s not the best idea given Snoopy’s target audience. But still, the dude looks doggone sweet in Deadpool’s signature suit and should consider it a definite cosplay option for next year’s Comic-Con. (No one will know it’s him with the mask on, right?!)

This week is Snoopy’s birthday and, as Liefeld explains in his original Instagram post, this precise fact is what convinced him to create the above ode to classic Peanuts character. There’s actually a lot of talk of drawing Snoopy online right now in honour of the occasion, with the team behind The Peanuts Movie posting a “How To Draw Snoopy” video recently as well. That video itself is worth checking out, not only because it’s short and sweet, but also because it really does give you a clear picture of how one of comics’ most beloved characters can come to life on the page again and again after all these years.

What do you think of Snoopy as Deadpool? Is it inappropriate, or almost too good? Can you draw Snoopy?

(via NewsaramaCollider; image via Rob Liefeld)

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