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Snapchat Gets Users Registered to Vote Through Their App, You Seriously Have No More Excuses Not To


With the growing number of platforms and vectors through which you can register to vote, you really no longer have any excuse as to why you’re not registered. Alongside the more conventional means like going to your local DMV or Post Office, you can now register to vote online (depending on your state), and thanks to Snapchat, you can register to vote through, well, Snapchat. Somewhere in the world, there’s a baby boomer writer whose thinkpiece sense just started going wacky. Hey, pal. This is why.

From now until October 15th, roughly one week before the actual registration deadline of October 24th (in California at least), Snapchat users will be treated to an ad showing them how easy it is to get signed up to vote right then and there through Snapchat and your mobile phone. They’ve partnered with a service called TurboVote, which is managed by, a group dedicated to changing the way in which we choose to engage with our electoral system. The entire process is said to take about sixty seconds, and seriously, if you’re browsing friends’ stories anyway, why not just register to vote, too?

Or, if Snapchat’s not your steez, you can get registered via a text sent to non-profit organization HelloVote. If you send a message to their number (384387), you’ll get asked a series of questions that are essentially your state’s voter registration form. From there, it’ll submit your info and you’re good to go.

I can not stress how simple folks are making it to vote this year. Given the current political climate and the raging sideshow that has accompanied this year’s campaigns, it really does feel like we’re headed towards a watershed moment in our nation’s history.

Of course, this all just gets you in the door to vote. You still have to actually vote on November 8th.

Now, if you don’t believe me when I say that your vote matters, you don’t have to take my word for it, I guess. But maybe President Obama’s incredibly passionate speech to the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation in Washington, D.C. will convince you otherwise.

Chills. So, tell me, friend: What’re you doing on November 8th?

(via Uproxx, image via Screencap/TurboVote)

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