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Chompa Chompa Chompa Chompa, Sharknado 4 Is Coming

"I feel for the sharks, but they’re wrecking our schools, our hospitals, our roads."

There is nothing in life you can count on except death, taxes, and escalating Sharknadoes.

Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No premiered last night, and was followed swiftly by the (obvious) news that we’ve also got a Sharknado 4 to look forward to/polish our chainsaws in preparation for. (Incidentally, I appreciate that SyFy has begun abbreviating Sharknado to just “‘Nado.” Sharknadoes are now so commonplace in the SyFy universe that they’ve usurped shark-free tornadoes as the ‘nado default.)

As SyFy’s tweet explains, Sharknado 4 comes with an online fan campaign to decide the fate of Tara Reid’s character, April. Have fun playing God, I guess, everyone? (But be nice to Tara Reid, please. She gets an unjust amount of hate compared to her equally washed-up male co-stars.)

What did you think of last night’s sharks? Would you shark again? Feel free to share all your thoughts on yesterday’s nonsense in the comments below (but beware of shark-spoilers if you haven’t watched yet).

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