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Today In “Your Dad Naming Things,” Extinct Swamp Beast With Sensual Lips Named After Mick Jagger

"Ummm, The Jethro Tull! The Parliament Funkadelic! The DAVE DEE, DOZY, BEAKY, MICK & TICH!"


An extinct African swamp creature thought to have lived 19 million years ago and believed to resemble “a cross between a slender hippo and a long-legged pig” has been named after Rolling Stones singer Mick Jagger. Or, as the New York Times puts it, “Think Mick Jagger is A Fossil? So Do Some Scientists.” That’ll do, New York Times; that’ll do.

Ellen Miller, co-author of a study on the half-hippo-half-pig-all-rock-and-roll specimen says “We gave it the scientific name Jaggermeryx naida, which translates to ‘Jagger’s water nymph.'”  The hooved animal was thought to belong to the anthracotheres family, and was discovered in the Egyptian desert alongside fossilized catfish, turtles, and piles of crocodile poop.

According to Miller (whom notes recently read the autobiography of Jagger’s bandmate Keith Richards. The Jagger is lucky it’s not The Eat Love Pray or the Dean Koontz) there was some debate over the name:

Some of my colleagues suggested naming the new species after Hollywood star Angelina Jolie, because she also has famous lips. But for me it had to be Mick.

Says Duke University paleontologist and study co-author Gregg Gunnell,

I was a HUGE Rolling Stones fan in my day […] Exile on Main St.’ and ‘Let it Bleed’ were my favorite albums.

Cool, science! Good to know!

(Image via Sherwood 411 on Flickr)

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