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Selfie-Taking Sorority Sisters Drop the Mic on Taunting Sportscasters


The sisters of Alpha Chi are really showing the sports world how class is done by taking the high road and dropping the mic on the heads on some rude sportscasters. They turned down game tickets that were offered as an apology for the bull they had to deal with after being made fun of on live television, suggesting that those tickets should go to families at A New Leaf, a non-profit organization helping victims of domestic violence.

You hear that? That’s the sound of the mic dropping. Daaaaaamn.

They were made fun of by Fox Sports commentators for taking selfies during the game, which doesn’t make any gosh darn sense because right before they started making fun of the girls, those very same commentators asked fans to tweet their fan photos. So after doing exactly what they were asked, they got made fun of for it. Okay, cool. What?

The video surfaced online and the women were taken to task by the internet because, well, that’s the world we live in now. Oh those gosh darn snake people millenials. They just don’t get it. But we’re old. That means we get it. What do we get? I don’t know. It.

The sisters of Alpha Chi also made a suggestion that anyone who reads about what happened should consider taking a moment to make a donation to their local domestic violence shelter. Specifically, they said:

If everyone who viewed this statement took the time to make a donation in recognition of domestic violence awareness, which is Alpha Chi Omega’s national philanthropy, we would be so grateful! We are happy to have the opportunity to shed some positive light on such a sensitive subject.

You do you, ladies. Keep highroading the shit out of life.

(via Pajiba, image via Shutterstock, Copyright: AntonioDiaz)

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