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James Patterson’s New Book Is a Literal Bomb, Must Be Read in 24 Hours Before it Self-Destructs

Brace yourselves, Dads of America!

As someone who grew up stuffing Harry Potter books into my eye-holes overnight to avoid anyone spoiling the ending, I (and many other members of my nerdy generation) am no stranger to pressure-filled speed reading. That being said, I don’t know if I could handle the stress of James Patterson’s upcoming thriller Private Vegas.

Private Vegas won’t be released until January 26th, but 1,000 free ebook copies designed to self-delete within 24 hours will become available several days ahead of time. (You can keep track of the progress “active readers” are making using this ulcer-inducing site.) Additionally, Patterson is also selling one physical copy of a literal self-destructing book—complete with a digital countdown clock—for $294,038.

The single hardcopy edition will also be signed, although considering imminent fiery doom is the book’s main selling point, that probably won’t mean much to its owner—especially considering that $294,038 price also includes a trip and private dinner with James Patterson. (Plot twist: what if Patterson is actually a robot who will also self-destruct within twenty-four hours?)

Considering Patterson’s main audience appears to be “Dads about to get on an airplane who can’t find any John Grisham at the Hudson News,” I’m not convinced that an exploding (or self-deleting book) will do much for Private Vegas‘ sales or set any sort of publishing precedent. Then again, maybe I’m just scared that I’ve lost my speed-reading chops in the years since Deathly Hallows.

What do you think, gang? Would you be interested in a free ebook even if you had to finish it in a twenty-four-hour span?

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