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Sebastian Stan Holds a Shield, We Speculate Wildly, That’s All It Really Takes

Where are my grains of salt?

I’m all for wild speculation. You know that.

But maybe this bit of speculation is perhaps a little too wild. Yesterday, Sebastian Stan posted a photo to Instagram of him holding a shield that looks a heck of a lot like Captain America’s shield. The only difference is it’s got a red star in the middle of a completely shiny silver shield—reflective of his character, the Winter Soldier, of course. In the caption, he says it’s a gift custom prop machining shop, Shield Labs, which should shutter any possible speculation about what this photo meeeeeans.

But it’s what he closes the caption with that has kept people holding on to rumors. In just four little words and one ellipsis, he’s stirred up plenty of imaginations about what could be coming to the MCU. He wrote, “Will come in handy…”

That’s it. That’s all you really need to get people all stirred up, I guess.

I mean, okay. Let’s break this one down. We already know that Cap gave up the shield after the events of Civil War. He’s basically an outlaw now, alongside Falcon, Hawkeye, Ant-Man, and basically half the Avengers. That leaves some pretty big boots and a heavy mantle for someone to carry, no? We also know that other folks taking up Cap’s shield isn’t exactly unheard of; it’s happened more than a few times before in the comics. Bucky is no stranger to that tradition, that’s for damn sure.

Sure, okay, fine, Bucky’s kind of a popsicle right now in the middle of Wakanda. But what happens when he gets out? Chris Evans’ Marvel contract, last we heard, is nearly on the verge of running out. They could easily grab another one for him, but he also has expressed an interest in directing over more acting. So who could be taking up Cap’s mantle? My own pick would be Falcon/Sam Wilson (because hell yes), but seeing Bucky take it up would be pretty neat, too.

Anyway, this is all just to say that’s a really cool shield, Stan. It’d be a shame if something happened to it, oh, like, I don’t know, a Marvel movie trilogy or something.

(via The Daily Dot)

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