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Saturday Morning Watchmen T-Shirts

Yes. Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes. Yes.

Anybody who remembers to make nerdy t-shirts in girl sizes too is welcome to come by for an entire loaf of my great-great-Aunt Ruby’s homemade banana bread, since the realization that that awesome t-shirt only comes in sizes suitable for wearing to bed is always a huge…

Oh? You didn’t know there was a saturday morning cartoon show based on Watchmen in the 80’s? Well, there wasn’t. But a few years ago Harry Partridge animated a the terrifying opening and theme song to Saturday Morning Watchmen (embedded behind the jump), a show that is exactly what Watchmen would look like if it had been ham-handedly forced into the kids cartoon format by people who didn’t appreciate the themes of the original comic. In the eighties.

But anyway.  This awesome shirt can be preordered in girl sizes, so you can wear it and constantly explain what the heck it is in reference to to those around you. Also it’s significantly cheaper than a Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark shirt.

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