Dear HBO: ‘Kick-Ass’ Director Matthew Vaughn Wants To Adapt Gaiman’s Sandman

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Leave it to MTV to forcibly reference Metallica’s “Enter Sandman” while spreading juicy gossip about a potential adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s Sandman. Turns out Kick-Ass director Matthew Vaughn is very, very interested.

During an interview back in January with Comic Book Resources, Vaughn, who previously adapted Gaiman’s Stardust, announced that the world needs more Neil:

I think Neil deserves to have more stuff made. I think it’s weird that hardly any Neil Gaiman stuff has been made. The idea that no one has made “Sandman” yet is weird.

It is weird, isn’t it?

But seriously, any director willing to take on the Herculean task of adapting The Sandman for film risks red-shirting their career. Just wait for the studio to announce that they simply must have Robert Pattinson on board to play Dream, Zoe Saldana to play Nada, and that the 75 original Sandman issues can be reduced to a two-hour love story based on Book IV.  Tween gold!  Gaiman’s devoted following would be out for blood.
Ah, but what if The Sandman were a television show?  Imagine the entire series spread across 10 glorious seasons of unmitigated, fantastical perfection?  Vaughn thinks this might be the key to filling the Sandman-shaped hole in our hearts:

We [Gaiman and Vaughn] talked about it…I think as a movie it’s virtually impossible to make properly…I think it would make an amazing HBO series, you know, where you can just really create that world, there’s so much, too much to get into an hour and a half, two hours, I think.

Did you hear that HBO?  Vaughn wants you.  Now make it happen.

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