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We May Actually Get to See Sam Wilson as Captain America Before 2020 Ends!

Fingers crossed, everyone.
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Marvel’s Disney+ series The Falcon and the Winter Soldier halted filming in March as the coronavirus pandemic made its way to the United States. It is not clear how much of the project was completed when it wrapped up, and that goes for a lot of other shows—like The CW’s shows all ending early, unable to wrap up filming for the last few episodes. Supernatural may just never actually end.

Still, fans who are hoping that we will have some Marvel TV before the year is up may just have some good news. Latoya Henderson, a makeup artist on Falcon and the Winter Soldier, is encouraging fans to keep their heads up about the possibility of getting to see the show sometime before 2020 is over. Girl, I hope.

According to, in an Instagram post, she implied that the series will still make its way to Disney+ in 2020, in spite of production delays. “Henderson’s post,” they write, “screenshotted and posted to Reddit, says ‘We’re getting a Black Captain America this year, so let’s not cancel 2020 just yet.'”

Falcon and the Winter Soldier is the Marvel/Disney show I am looking forward to the most. (Sorry, Loki. Until they confirm you to be pansexual, I simply don’t got the time.) That’s not only because I think the brotherly dynamic between Sam and Bucky is worth exploring, but there is a lot to build upon what it means to be Captain America when the suit is on a Black man.

Sam becoming Captain America is something that already happened in the comics and is, in my opinion, a natural transition for the character. As one the first African-American superheroes in mainstream comic books, it is important to explore what it means to put on that shield as someone who is a descendant of enslaved people. If the show does decide, as many have speculated, to touch on the Isaiah Bradley story, which dives into the American government using Black men as guinea pigs in order to recreate the Captain America serum, it’ll be an interesting story for Sam. The experiments left countless men dead at the expense of “science,” yet Sam, as a soldier and Captain America, is bound to this government—at least symbolically.

I don’t want anyone to be put at risk in order to make a show, but if there is any footage of Sam in the suit doing some cool Captain things, then I think that would be worth putting out into the universe—if anything, as a late Juneteenth gift to us all.

Sam Wilson (Anthony Mackie) waits for Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) to wake up in Captain America: The Winter Soldier

(via, image: Marvel)

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