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Sam Bee Shares a “Bullsh*t We Won’t Forget” List From the Midterm Season

Full Frontal with Samantha Bee covered a lot last night, from a comprehensive run-down of the midterms (“That went ok!”), to the Texas race (the jarring differences you’ll see in the abundance of interview with both O’Rourke and Cruz supporters is funny in that I-have-to-laugh-or-I’ll-cry-and-scream-vomit kind of way), and the horrendous obstacles Stacey Abrams had to face.

In the clip about the Georgia race, Bee pointed out that there’s a tendency to move straight on after an election—but we shouldn’t forgive or forget. “Stacey Abrams is amazing, but the Georgia election….is a disgrace” says Bee “And it wasn’t just Georgia, this happened across the nation. Typically, win or lose, after election day people forget about the shenanigans that happened during the campaign and move on—well, fuck that! This midterm season was fucking out of control, and people did what should have truly been some career-ending things.”

That’s where the segment “Now That’s What I Call Bullshit We Won’t Forget” comes in, as a voice reads off some of the more atrocious comments, ads, and remarks that made headlines this season (which feels a million years long). Sonny Perdue calling the Florida race “cotton-picking important”. “Duncan Hunter calling his Palestinian-American opponent a terrorist”. Ron Paul tweeting an anti-Semitic cartoon (was that only July?). The list goes on, and on, and on.

“So tomorrow, when all these fuckers start their post-election calls for unity, just know that we won’t forget what you did during this election”, says the host, looking deep into the souls of those who will no doubt spend their afterlives marching endlessly, weighed down by long golden robes of unbearably heavy gilded lead.

“You will run for something else one day and I will be there to remind you that your President once complained that a hate crime made him have a bad hair day,” declares Bee.

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